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Support your overall health and wellness with Defense Boost® Elderberry Gummies. Extracted from the Sambucus tree, elderberries are rich in antioxidants and vitamins essential for maintaining a healthy immune system. Adding our elderberry gummies to your daily wellness routine may provide you with supplemental health benefits. Defense Boost Elderberry Gummies are available in a 12-count bag and 60-count bottle.

Elderberry Gummies FAQ

What are elderberry gummies good for?

Elderberry is an excellent source of antioxidants and vitamins that can help support a healthy immune system. Our elderberry gummies include no artificial flavors and are gluten free, making them a great addition to any supplement routine.

Is it safe to take elderberry gummies every day?

Yes, Defense Boost Elderberry Gummies are safe to take every day. We recommend taking 1-2 gummies per day to encourage greater overall wellness.

What do eldeberry gummies taste like?

Defense Boost Elderberry Gummies are naturally flavored and have a savory grape/mixed berry taste.

Are Defense Boost Elderberry Gummies for kids?

While elderberry extract is safe and has no adverse side effects, our gummies are not intended for kids and contain a serving size formulated for adults.

What are elderberry gummy benefits?

Elderberry is a versatile solution that offers an array of potential health benefits. Research suggests that elderberry’s antioxidant properties may help ease the severity of cold and flu symptoms. Elderberry is also rich in vitamin A and C, which may promote a healthier immune system.

What are the best elderberry gummies for sale?

Defense Boost Elderberry Gummies are formulated with the highest-quality ingredients and natural flavors so that you can obtain the full benefits this supplement has to offer. From manufacturing to shipping, we oversee the entire in-house formulation process of every batch to ensure each product is beneficial to your health. Our dedication to quality and consistency is unmatched. Plus, you won’t find better-tasting elderberry gummies – we promise!

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